TDDA believes training and education is the key to effective implementation of all drug and alcohol policies. It’s essential your workforce understands drug and alcohol testing processes. Our tailored training and education services provide up to date and relevant information.







Topics covered in these 75 minute sessions include; drug and alcohol abuse and effects; drug and alcohol testing in the workplace; methamphetamine (the danger drug and national trends); introducing your drug and alcohol policy; what to expect from the drug and alcohol testing procedures; and work health and safety legislation.

Getting employees on board through education is crucial as drug and alcohol testing in the workplace can be very sensitive.

We have vast experience in this area to help you achieve this smoothly in your workplace.


At TDDA we can tailor an employee education program to suit any needs and target all levels of employees in your company.





























Topics covered in these 4 hour workshops include; drug and alcohol testing in the workplace; drug use indicators and paraphernalia; statistics and facts about drug use and testing; duties under the Work Health and Safety legislation; establishing reasonable grounds; search and seizure; and group scenario work.

Attendance at this training includes our specifically designed TDDA smart phone drug app.





Drug Testing and Education







Drugs and their effects is a community problem. TDDA offers community education presentations to help deliver the message to a wider audience.

TDDA have also created a smart phone drug app to help inform parents. 50% of the proceeds from the sale of this app are donated to children’s hospitals across Australasia.

The TDDA Phone App has been  a great tool for use as it has empowered the team to follow their instincts and also gave them a credible opinion.

I was away from site and the onsite operator called me to inform of an incident. I queried what had happened and my suspicions were raised. We talked in length regarding the incident and I decided to use the TDDA app for confirmation prior to proceeding with any action.
I proceeded to open the reasonable cause checklist and started to fill it in with the relevant information supplied to me via telephone from the onsite staff, it quickly became apparent that we had reasonable cause to perform a BAC test, the test was conducted and was positive, the contractor was stood down.  
I would recommend that any Manager or supervisor take this training and use the app in the day to day running of their business.

Marcus Garrett
Production Manager
Horizon Energy Services Ltd

That course was one of the most enjoyable and informative courses that I have ever attended. (That includes my 21 years experience in the NZ Army) The manner in which you delivered it meant that my eyelids didn't droop once (a first) and I came away very impressed, motivated and refreshed.

I look forward to getting you here to do the same with my staff as I know that they too will gain a lot from attending and more importantly - if anyone can get their "buy in" I am convinced you are that person.

Ian A Beker, QSM, AFNZIM
General Manager
Southland disAbility Enterprises Ltd

Drug Testing Training

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TDDA has created a smartphone drug awareness app to help keep parents informed. 50% of the proceeds from the sale of this app are donated to children’s hospitals across Australasia.
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