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Mobile Drug TESTING


TDDA offer the very best in 24/7 mobile drug and alcohol testing services.
 Our mobile service means less downtime for you and your workforce. All of our screening and confirmation testing processes ensure our clients have minimal exposure to legal challenges.

TDDA has offices throughout your region as well as a purpose built fleet of vans which allow clients the option of coming to us or having TDDA visit them.

At TDDA we believe that on-site drug and alcohol testing presents more advantages for companies than traditional methods of drug screening, such as sending the employee to the nearest medical office or laboratory to have a urine sample taken. This can mean delays from 24 hours to as long as a week in obtaining a result, which is both disruptive to the company and the employee. It can be expensive too, in terms of having a potentially drug or alcohol impaired employee on-site awaiting the result.

Our purpose built, on-site testing vehicles have been specifically equipped to deal with legislative requirements.

TDDA vans have been designed to have the added versatility of being overt or covert where all signage can be removed before arriving at your workplace.


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